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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The War in the Heavenlies

Leaving Clairton last night just reminded me of the war zone that we minister in. One of my Tuesday night ladies was at Magee Hospital delivering her 5th baby. A call came in earlier that no one would be able to make it to Bible study because they were shopping for her baby things. This baby came 2 weeks early and they weren't quite ready for her to arrive just yet. I went there anyways to touch base with whom ever would be around, and besides I had promised a visit to another young mother the night before.

It's so important in any ministry to build relationships, to be there when their man runs out on them and pick up the emotional pieces, to answer a question about the Bible that didn't quite make sense, to hug a child who comes running to you with open arms. To hand them 20 bucks because they don't have enough to make it to the next check or to buy groceries to help them until the end of the month when the food stamps come in.  Tonight was no exception.

I was standing outside with 1 of our Go Time staff as we were talking to a mother. She has 4 beautiful girls who go to Brittany's class.  They are adorable and want to learn.  As we were standing there, sirens went off and I think all of Clairton police force headed to the street behind us.  Word came around that there was a break-in and a shooting. That story changed as the evening went on.  We continued to talk to the mother, but it wasn't long before we broke up and headed out.  

I ran another one of my Tuesday night ladies down to the convenient store and back home.  Then I made my rounds checking on all my other ladies to make sure everyone was ok. Amber from Thursday evening Bible study was just coming down her street.  She had offered a friend and her kids to stay at her place till things settled  down. This isn't anything new to Clairton. This kind of thing happens all too often.  I'm just glad our little ones made it home before this broke out.  I was on my way home then decided to go back and check on Brent's group who was still meeting.  He had heard from an officer what had happened, so he drove most of the teens home.

I was praying and pondering the events of the evening as I drove home.  Last night was such a visual of the war that goes on in the heavenlies for the hearts and souls of these people. The Holy Spirit gives me the faith to go into this area boldly and with confidence, but I still come away many times broken by the havoc evil plays on these families, as well as, the strangle-hold that crime and wickedness has on this city.  Many times I've left in tears as I pray for a break through for this community of people called Clairton.  There are so many churches there.  Once it was a thriving community, so much so that on the sign going in it says, "Welcome to Clairton, the City of Prayer".  What happened to that?  Satan got a foothold in there somewhere, divided and conquered.

One of the many goals for this ministry is to try and get as many pastors as possible to come together and pray for their city.  At one time they used to work together to reach their community, but over the years that all changed.  Our prayer, and hopefully you will join us, is to bring a spirit of unity back into Clariton once again. As pastors come together, then maybe revival will sweep this river town.


Jacque said...

I am glad you, your group, all your ladies, & the kids are all safe! I am saddened that someone lost their life. Evil abound all around us! It is up to us to continue to fervently pray! I will be praying for all involved! Love you sis!

Debbie said...

Thank you Jacque! Prayer is the backbone to this ministry, I appreciate you praying!

Jordan@The Arnold Family 8 said...

This was a good read. Lots to think about.